Friday, September 2, 2016

Indian Buyers' Rendezvous with Online Book Shopping

Do you ever wonder who purchase your books? Which city or state they belong to? Wouldn't it be great if you know where to promote your book? I always have these questions in my mind. And, to answer these, I did a small research on few purchases done from Amazon India of my debut, short story collection, Emotions Unplugged for a particular period.

This Infographic on Books revealed some interesting facts on online shopping of books in India. I'm trying to present through a Infographic, which serves details like which Indian city or state buys more number of books and which region of India orders most books.

TOP 10 STATES  % share
MAHARASHTRA        14.47
KARNATAKA              10.2
TAMIL NADU              10.2
DELHI                            9.21
TELANGANA               7.57
GUJARAT                      6.91
KERALA                      3.62
PUNJAB                        3.62
UTTAR PRADESH        3.29

Receiver                       % share
SOUTH                         36.18
NORTH                         32.57
WEST                            22.7
EAST                              6.91
NORTHEAST                 1.64
TOP 10 CITIES            % share
BANGALORE                9.54
DELHI                          8.88
HYDERABAD               6.91
MUMBAI                      6.25
KOLKATA                    4.93
PUNE                            4.93
CHENNAI                    3.95
AHMEDABAD             2.3
JAIPUR                        1.64
VADODARA                1.64

As we are living in a highly commercial world, sale of books is the one criterion that supports every fact displayed here. Not only authors but also some publishing houses can understand which demographics prefer to buy while they browse for books. Authors can also choose to plan their book tours accordingly.

Read it, share it and send in your feedback. This Infographic is designed and developed by me (I work in Market Research in my other life) considering sales of some 300+ copies of Emotions Unplugged from Amazon India after an extensive research.


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