Friday, August 23, 2013

Short Story : I like her

‘Yes, I like her!’ I said.
She did not reply for few minutes.
‘What is there in her that is not in me?’ she questioned with anger mixed in her voice.
‘She makes me smile whenever she stands in front of my eyes,’ I replied her honestly.
‘Hmm..’ Her eyes turned moist.
‘I think smile would not be the perfect word here. I really die laughing when she is standing in front of my eyes,’ I said making the situation worse.
‘Is she a Delhite?’ she asked further.
‘Umm.. Not really! She is actually a Punjabi.’
‘She must have fooled you by her talks.’
It was time for me to be silent.
‘Speak up!’ she shouted.
‘Yeah, it’s something of that sort you can say.’ I did not have a choice other than being true. I was really bowled by anything this girl spoke.
‘I know. All Punjabi girls are like this.’
‘Hmm..’ I nodded.
‘How long have you known her?’  her voice was turning sober every passing second.
‘I don’t know,’ I replied.
‘Days? Weeks? Months? Years? What?’ her voice rose this time.
‘Maybe, an year. Or, maybe more,’ I tried my best to remember when I saw her first time. But, I could not remember that moment.
‘Fine,’ she said wiping the tears which rolled down her eyes.
‘Are you OK?’ I asked her.
‘Yes, I am.’
‘All right,’ I replied, meekly.
‘Is she very beautiful?’ she asked.
‘Not really. But, she is my favorite. I love hearing to her.’
‘Fine! Best of luck with your future,’ she tried to smile this time.
‘Thank you,’ I smiled.
‘Take care. Bye!’
I turned to pick up the bottle kept to my right and gulped a few sips. I got busy with my daily work. After few hours, I logged myself on facebook.
‘Can I see her pic?’ my chat box popped with her message as soon as I turned online.