Friday, September 25, 2015

Find the Sachin Tendulkar in you!

Let me tell you a story today. A story of Sachin Tendulkar!

I believe, most of us know him as one of the greatest cricketers of all time. But then, Cricket is a game and cricketers are just few players. Every player has good and bad days; times when they perform well and times when they couldn't. It wasn't good time for Sachin Tendulkar those days. Most of the times, he used to get out under a score of 10. Many of the people started criticizing his abilities. Few others commented that he should quit Indian Cricket team. Matches after matches happened but his performance could not improve. After he was out one day and was returning to pabell√≥n, a man questioned him from the crowd, "Why do you play Cricket if you can't?" 

He listened to the man's words but ignored him. Later BCCI President, Mr Jagmohan Dalmiya called him and inquired about his poor performance. Sachin answered Mr Dalmia's queries. Months passed by. Sachin practiced harder and achieved his form. He created several new records and made his mark in World Cricket that can never be removed.

Why am I telling you this story? Because I believe, we all are nothing more than players of our life. Sometimes, we perform good while at others, we fail to do so. People criticize/comment/question our abilities. But we choose to answer all/most of them. While most of the times their views hardly matter until he is Mr Dalmia in the story above. 

Thanks to a college friend for narrating me this story years ago. Maybe, I will remember this story all my life. Though this story is fictional and I don't know if something like this ever happened or not. But I believe, I have started making differences between the masses and Dalmias. I know whom to answer and whom not to. I don't want to answer everyone and waste my time which I would have otherwise used to do something constructive. Maybe, I've found Sachin Tendulkar in me. Have you?

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  1. I do not know much about cricket as a sport but I am certain it is a celebrated sport in india Sachin was one iconic figure in the sport generally thanks fo sharing his story vishal