Sunday, May 27, 2012

Life similar to a... $AmO$a ( Hat..

Sometimes deep in my head runs several questions. 'Why is life so tough?' 'Why does it gives so much pain?' 'Why can't we be happy all the time?' And, if God gave us this life to suffer, he/she would have chosen not to create us.

      Life, still seems to me a puzzle. I tried it to compare with so many things but still found it different from anything living or dead. It still seems something weird.. something that hurts. I know, I am being very sad with this post but I have my reasons for it. For the past one month, I have been suffering from illness that has made me weak and lean. I had a dream to become an author that seems distant from where I stand now. It has been tough four months after sending my sample chapters to publishers one after another; still waiting for them to reply. I do think that my life is tough. But then I rewind my life a little and look at the things I have with me. I am studying at one of the premier institutes of the country after clearing CAT. I have amazing friends who when find me sad, drag me to multiplexes for watching movies saying that they will pay for it. Haan, it's a different story that when you reach at the counter of the multiplex and wait for your friend to pay, he replies, "Pagal hai. Tere baap ki shaadi hai kya jo paise mein donga? Jaldi de! AC mei chalenge." But still it feels great when you have friends like that around you.

      How can life be a pain then? I thought life to be complex. Then, it was today's evening while walking down the road, I found something.. something very similar to what life is. You know what it was? It was a samosa chat. Yeah, you read it correct, I wrote - a samosa chat! Sounds weird, na? Look, why did it feel to me a lot similar? Life you see has all the tastes. For few if it gives a pain, its sour. For others whom you believe are born rich and enjoy all the benefits can tell, life is sweet. For others, it's tough, similar to the hard pieces of the chat that you have pain to bite in. I believe that while God was making us in plenty, he forgot to mix all the spices well. If it's easy, we enjoy life. If it's tough we curse God for that. But we don't wait for the moments when sweetness enters our life. You may be going through a tough phase now. But wait my dear friend, if it's tough for you right now, then may be you are a lucky chap. You still have a lot of sweetness left for you. Don't worry. Just enjoy your chat. :)