Friday, March 15, 2013

Good Deeds, Great Returns

We all must have heard about the proverb, 'Kar Bhala, Ho Bhala' from our childhood. I don't know what we say it exactly in English. But it's something like 'Do good, get good.' With the increasing rush in everyday life, we all are forgetting this and no more believe in this. Today, I want to share with you a small incident that actually happened with me few months back.
This blog would have been a little popular by that time. Maybe, that was the reason when I logged in my facebook account, I had a message in my inbox.
My book "ABC" by PQR Publishers has just released. I was wondering if you do book reviews on your blog.
Let me know. I can send you a copy.
I had never done a book review.  Neither, had a plan to do that in the near future.
‘No ma'am. I don't do book reviews. But, if you want I can send you the names of book reviewers who does that and are well known at facebook,’ I replied instantly.
‘Yeah, that will be good. Thanks,’ said the authoress.
I narrated name of seven reviewers one after another with a little knowledge about how they review a book. The authoress knew few of them, however was unaware about few others.
‘If you want I can talk with him for your book. He knows me well,’ I offered the authoress.
‘That would be good. If I have his address I can send him a copy,’ came her reply.
The authoress has full confidence on her book. She believed that her book has no errors and contains a good story.  So, she decided to send her book to every reviewer I suggested. She asked me to help me with the reviewers she does not know to which I agreed. While we were about to end our chat, a message popped on my chatbox , ‘Thanks man will send you a copy if you haven’t ordered my book yet. Give me address.’
I was surprised by her message. I repeated again, ‘I don't review at blog.’
‘Not for review, to enjoy!’ she replied.
I laughed at her innocent reply. I thanked her for the offering and confirmed the reviewers she did not know. I promised to arrange their addresses.
‘Thanks. Get their address and give me yours,’ she insisted again.
‘Ma'am! Why are you taking trouble to send me your book? I don't expect anything in return of helping others,’ I explained her.
‘Why not? Why are you taking trouble to help me? I want you to read it!’ she questioned me again.
‘I am like this only from the day I know myself,’ I replied with a smile.
‘Well I'm like this too. I have to do my karma.’ She seemed to be in no mood loosing.
I promised her to send my address with the addresses of the other reviewers she don’t know. We ended our conversation with another thank you from her end.
Her book reached me on 9th January. Due to my busy curriculum and other free books that I received in free book giveaways here and there, I read her book last month. She although did not lose any chance to abuse me publically for not reading her book even though it was sent to me free of cost.
As I was wondering what to write this month as my blog post, I thought of returning her good with a little good I can do. Yeah, I am reviewing her book. I don’t know how good or bad I review a book. So please, forgive me if I do a blunder. The review is written below.

About The Author: Ashwina Garg lives in Hyderabad with her husband and two kids. She studied accountancy and has worked as an entrepreneur, a German translator and a technical writer.
Synopsis of The Book:  Studied hard? Got the perfect job? Found the perfect mate? And Still Screwed up your life? Is it possible to do everything right in your life and still not be happy? Meet Sanjay, Aditi, Mayank and Jayshree.

Sanjay is US-returned software millionaire determined to have an arranged marriage aftr slling his company and braking up with his two-timing girlfriends.

Aditi is a commitment-phobic writer who cant figure out what her next book is about but has perfected the art of break-ups Manyank and Jayshree are the perfect couple. If only they werent dealing with rude relatives, killing deadlines, procreation pressures and those ultimate romance-killers... monotoy and boredom!

This light-hearted story traces the lives of these four successful, thirty-something friends who all come to the same conclusion...

My review: I have divided my review into two subparts. Pros and cons about the book. So here it is:

Pros of the book: I got to read something different. Shrishti Publishers has been coming out with so many college romances. So, I felt good seeing something out of college. Aditi's character in the book is too strong. I fell in love with her character while reading it. Sanjay in the book was good too. Their romances were explained well. Although, I feel it is tough to make me smile. But, the authoress did it with her book. I even dropped a few tears when Sanjay proposed Aditi. The chemistry between the other characters, Mayank and Shree is also shown well.

Cons of the book: The authoress had talked about so many brands that were appearing as aliens to me. For a moment, I thought her crazy. Beginning of the story is not so good. Moreover, the authoress has used names of so many dishes that are cooked in south. The book lacked suspense.

Overall, the book can be read in your leisure time. I would rate it 3.5 on a scale of 5. I would ask my readers and friends to please comment below how was the review. Thanks, in advance.

Note: I am not open for book reviewing. My curriculum keeps me busy. So, if I get a book I don’t know when I will be able to complete it. Therefore, I kindly request my author friends not to ask me to review their books.


  1. The Beginning :)
    Nice novel, and short, sweet, little review. :)

    1. Thanks Anjit! Still a lot to learn from you. :)

  2. Thanks Vishal. I wasn't expecting a review.

    1. Welcome Ashwina ma'am. It's good that you didn't expect one. A thing not expected but obtained gives pleasure. :)