Friday, June 28, 2013

Life Is What You Make It!

Hold On! I know as you read the title of this blog post, you may think I am going to talk something about one of Preeti Shenoy’s book here. But, I would clarify that I am not. I am going to talk what the title actually means.

It has been one year now I have been blogging here. Few of you appreciated it and few others chose not to speak anything after reading my blog posts. Some of you imagined the short stories I wrote on this blog while some of you said me to work on my grammar. Each of your comments and feedback were important and is treasured to its best.

I started this blog almost one year back with the blog post titled, life similar to a samosa chat ( and as I complete one year of this blog I felt like writing a blog post again titled on life.  Let me tell you the reason why I started with this blog first before coming to what actually I want you to tell. 

For past few years I want to be an author. It was four months when I was tired sending my sample chapters to several publishers one after another with no positive response. And, the rejection is really painful. But, I did not want to kill my passion for writing. That was the time and my reason why I wrote the first blog post here. 

Himani Goyal, a dear friend and renowned book reviewer was the first to appreciate my blog post. And, appreciation has immense power in it. It was all your love that made me to write blog posts one after another. I started writing poems and short stories time to time. Most of them were appreciated by you. I even wrote few blog posts in Hindi which were loved by few. Meanwhile, I got approval for my first book from one of the leading publishing house. However, the publishing process is still a long way.

It was in December last year when one of my short stories, a day before my divorce got huge response from the readers. Getting wonderful response from the readers about my short stories, I started penning down all the short stories idea I had in mind. Till now, I have written 14 short stories and am planning to release my anthology. I have already sent the sample stories to few of the publishers and will send to few others in coming days. 

I don’t know how long I have to wait before becoming an author. I don’t know how many of us leave our dreams midway when we are tired trying it. It’s not about me. It’s about anyone who has ever dreamt. It’s about anyone who dared to dream big. Few of us leave our dreams when we see it’s getting tough to achieve them. I may have done the same a year ago. But, I didn’t. I may have been lucky to achieve my dream. But now when I see it, I smile thinking about my past. 

If my book could have been out a year ago, I would have been happy. There could not have been this blog, there could not have been my short stories collection and most importantly, there would not have been you reading me. So, at the end I believe what happened is not at all bad. It is actually the best that could happen.

Past one year has taught me a lot. I have made few authors, literary friends who admire my work, come forward for suggestions and feedbacks, and stop me from committing faults. I have learnt not only from my mistakes but more importantly from other mistakes. That is what I believe life is all about.

That’s all I wanted to say today. I hope I made my point. I know each one of you reading this, may have numerous dreams on your eyes. I don’t want you to leave them mid way. You may get obstacles, you may get slow to reach them but I don’t want you to kill them. Because you know ‘Life is what you make it’. 


  1. That's a dream of mine you blogged there. All the best with your works.

    My first visit here and glad I did. :)

    1. Few people share similar dreams. Good to know you too dream the same. Thanks for your wishes and visit. Best of luck with yours.. :)

  2. motivational blog..nd one of d line dats really fervouring is-
    learn from ur mistakes as well as from others mistakes